What Is the Intent of the Common Core ELA Exams Administered by New York State?


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The state of New York administers the Common Core English Language Arts test to assess how proficient students are in the skills they need to meet their college or career prospects. Schools administer the test annually to students in third through eighth grades. After the state adopted the New York P-12 Common Core Learning Standards, it began administering Common Core tests in 2013.

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A student's test results aren't part of his permanent record or transcript, as the scores don't reflect his complete knowledge or capability. On the reading portion of the Common Core ELA test, the state expects a student to understand the main ideas and details in grade-level-appropriate text. Students are expected to form connections between ideas and events, thoroughly describe characters, and understand how the details in a text support the development of the plot. A student must also recognize the organization of the text, decode the meanings of words and phrases, and compare and contrast differing viewpoints. Students should be able to use pictures and logical connections to harmonize ideas from the passage.

For the Writing from Sources portion of the exam, the state expects students to be able to read grade-level appropriate text and make statements with supporting details. Students should be able to write about characters from the text, as well as compare and contrast differing viewpoints and ideas from the reading passage. They should also be able to discuss how language affects the text, analyze why the elements of a story are significant, and look closely at the events and actions taking place in a passage. In addition, students should be able to express their knowledge through logical writing that shows they are capable of using grade-level-appropriate grammar.

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