What Are Some Inspirational Quotes About Family?


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Some inspirational quotes about family are Barbara Bush's quote about prioritizing family and Catherine M. Wallace's quote about listening to children even when children say unimportant things. Bob Ehrlich offers an inspirational quote about family when he talks about the importance of the dinner table. Abigail Van Buren adds a quote that instructs parents to spend time with children instead of spending money on children.

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Bush says that at the end of a person's life, one more victory is not what matters. She says that winning one more case, scoring one more business deal or passing one more test is not what a person looks back on with pride. Instead, at the end of one's life, a person regrets not spending more time with a spouse or a child. Bush also says that family means being there for family and wrapping arms around family members.

Similarly, Wallace warns each parent to listen carefully when children talk. Even if the children say things that seem insignificant, it's important to listen "eagerly," Wallace says. She explains that to a child, everything is big. If the parent doesn't take time to listen to the little things, the parent can't expect the child to share big things as the child grows into an adult.

Ehrlich says that the dinner table is extremely important because some of the most important conversations in life happen at the dinner table. Likewise, Van Buren says to spend twice as much time with children and half as much money. Van Buren says that spending more time with children and less money makes children turn out well.

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