How Do You Insert a Footnote?

How Do You Insert a Footnote?

To insert a footnote into an open Microsoft Word document, go to References, click Insert, then click Footnote. The Microsoft Word document must be in Print Layout view. Although there are other ways to insert a footnote into a Microsoft Word document, this option is the easiest.

  1. Open the Microsoft Word document in Print Layout view

    On the top menu of the Microsoft Word document, click the View button to open a shortcut menu. Scroll down the new menu, then click the Print Layout option.

  2. Access the Footnote option

    To access the Footnote option, click Insert from the menu located on the top of the document. From the drop-down menu that appears, click Reference, then select Footnote. Microsoft Word automatically redirects the cursor to the bottom of the page where the footnote is located.

  3. Insert the footnote into the document

    After clicking on the Footnote option, type the note at the current location of the cursor, and include formatting if necessary. Return to the main text once you complete the footnote. Microsoft Word automatically numbers and formats the footnote. If you decide to delete one note or insert a new one into the document, the program automatically numbers the footnotes accordingly.