What Information Is on the Welcome Page for Ticket to Read?

What Information Is on the Welcome Page for Ticket to Read?

The Ticket To Read welcome page includes reader stats and the reader leader board, as of May 2015. Reader stats lists the number of readers online, the total number of readers enrolled and the number of passages read.

The reader leader board ranks students based on how many tickets they have earned over the week. The board lists each student's name, grade, school and state. It includes the top 100 students and resets every Sunday night, and a countdown to the reset is provided next to the board.

The welcome page also has a link to view the schools that earned a gold star for the previous week. A gold star is earned when at least 90 percent of the school's students read a passage in that week. The gold star page lists each school's name, state and number of gold stars.

Ticket To Read is an online program that allows students to read passages and play games while working at their own pace. Tasks develop foundational skills, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Students earn points for completing tasks, which they can use to decorate clubhouses or stock their toy stores.

Every day, one student's clubhouse is showcased on the welcome page for the site's Clubhouse of the Day. A picture of the clubhouse is shown, along with the student's name, school and state.