What Information Do You Typically Need When Filling Out Online School Applications?

What Information Do You Typically Need When Filling Out Online School Applications?

Information that is typically required when filling out online school applications includes basic personal information, GPA, test scores and extracurricular activities. Most schools also request additional documents or information, which prospective students must send through the mail.

Any online college application requires prospective students to provide personal information. This includes information about applicants and their current schools, and it can include family information.

Applications also require GPA scores. To prove these, applicants must provide official transcripts from their schools. Some colleges want schools to send these directly. However, others may allow prospective students to send them by mail to back up the GPA scores listed on their application.

Test scores are also very important. Students can request that SAT and ACT scores be sent directly to prospective colleges.

Most colleges want to know about prospective students' extracurricular activities and awards. Including these in the application can help make it stand out.

Many colleges and universities want prospective students to include letters of recommendation with their applications. These can be from family, friends, teachers, guidance counselors or employers. Some schools may request that recommenders send letters through the mail. However, some schools offer online platforms where recommenders can leave their recommendations.

Personal essays are also requirements for most college applications. Different schools have different essay requirements, which may be separate from the online Common Application form. Essay requirements and prompts are usually listed on the school's own application form.