What Information Should Be Included in a "Dear Teacher" Letter?


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A good "Dear Teacher" letter should contain vital information that a teacher should know about his pupil, including the pupil's behavior, academic ability and factors that influence his leaning. However, the letter's content depends on the writer. The write can be a pupil or a parent.

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The pupil's "Dear Teacher" letter should contain the child's weaknesses and strengths in academics, his personality including temperament and his leaning style. Depending on the pupil, the letter may also contain other information such as the child's hobbies, his best friend's name and his favorite books.

The parent's "Dear Teacher" letter should contain the child's health information that may influence his schooling, the parent's contact information and the child's reaction nature to various situations. The child's health information may include any diseases that the child suffers from and allergies. If the child is under medications, the parent should notify the teacher of how the medications affect the child.

The parent's contact information provides a means through which the child's teacher can communicate with the parent and may include an email address and phone number. The child's reaction nature helps the teacher know how the child responds to different situations. This ensures that the teacher avoids what the child does not like while adopting ways to which the child reacts positively. For instance, while some children may react positively to public praises, others may feel embarrassment about to the same.

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