What Information Should Be Included on Course Evaluation Forms?


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Course evaluation forms should include questions related to topics that the professor or school wants feedback on from students. According to Cornell University Center for Teaching Excellence, evaluations should include questions related to learning goals and specific behaviors.

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Course evaluation forms should feature a variety of questions that solicit feedback on both the professor and the course in general that can be used to improve future teaching. For example, a section related to the professor's presentation of course content may ask students if the professor clearly outlined learning objectives and presented the material in an organized manner. Other useful questions include whether the professor encouraged discussion and consistently provided feedback on student performance. According to Berkeley's Center for Teaching and Learning, a section related to clarity of expectations may ask whether the professor clearly explained what constitutes good writing and if the professor increased the student's understanding of the material.

Evaluation forms should also solicit feedback on the course itself, and include questions such as whether the course was appropriate for the stated level of the class, if the class successfully developed the student's critical thinking on the subject matter and how satisfied the student was with the class. Berkeley's Center for Teaching and Learning also recommends that evaluation forms contain open-ended questions that invite the student to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the course and suggest how the course might be improved in the future.

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