What Information Should You Include on a Thesis Outline Page?


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A thesis outline page should include the paper title, the thesis statement, Roman numerals indicating major point, and capital Arabic numerals indicating support for the major points. Roman numeral I should be the paper's introduction, while the last Roman numeral should refer to the paper's conclusion.

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A thesis outline is similar to a table of contents. It helps devise a structure for the essay, organizing the ideas in a clear and logical order. The outline must include the thesis title and statement, which is usually a sentence that presents the main argument to the reader. Below these there is a structural representation of the content, with major points representing the main chapters of the paper and support points representing the sub-chapters. This structure includes the "Introduction," the "Body" and the "Conclusion."

The outline can include more or fewer details, depending on preference. The first step in creating an outline is generalizing. Go over each individual piece of information written and assign a category to it, then re-examine the categories to find common themes and reuse labels as often as possible. When the notes are generalized into categories, the process of ordering becomes easier. Order the more general categories first, followed by the smaller categories until you have created a complete logical structure.

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