What Information Should You Include in a Summary Paragraph?


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A summary paragraph in an academic essay includes a restatement of the thesis as well as a summary of the essay’s main points. This emphasizes the final points upon the reader, which puts the information presented in context. Use information presented in the introduction of a paper its conclusion to bring the reader full circle, suggests the Harvard College Writing Center.

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After restating the thesis of the paper, tie its main points together to present an argument for why they are important collectively. Use the main points made, and not specific details to demonstrate how the points listed support the thesis. Avoid using phrases such as “in conclusion” or “in closing,” and consider writing a final sentence in one-syllable words, for dramatic effect.

The summary of a paper is the part of an essay that a reader is most likely to remember, according to NittyGrittyEnglish.com. Use the concluding piece of the summary to link the information presented in a larger context, or to leave the reader with a final thought or question. For example, compare a paper on media in history to a current news program, or ask a question comparing the two in the context of the argument presented.

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