What Information Should You Include in a Process Paragraph?


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A process paragraph should include a topic sentence that introduces the process and why it is important, detail sentences that describe the steps of the process, and a conclusion that restates the process. The entire process paragraph should be at least six sentences.

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A process paragraph explains how to do something or how something happened using organized and specific steps. A well-written process paragraph allows the reader to replicate the steps. Before writing the paragraph, the writer should decide on the process and the audience and use a pre-writing strategy, such as an outline, brainstorming organizer or a list to organize the steps of the process.

When writing the paragraph, the writer should start with the topic sentence, as this introduces the process and explains why the audience should care about this topic. Next, the writer should create the detail sentences by breaking the process up into small, manageable steps, making sure to organize these steps in order. The writer can then add in any details or examples to make the process easier for the reader to understand. Finally, the concluding sentence should serve as a wrap-up for the paragraph.

After writing, it is important to revise and edit the paragraph for any unclear details or incomplete steps. The best way to accomplish this is to try to follow the process to see if it works.

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