What Information Should You Include on an Assessment Plan?


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An assessment plan should include information such as the purpose, improvement items, goals, outcome types, execution plan and a communication component to discuss results. An assessment plan is a document that reflects the faculty's aspirations about what students know and their potential learning abilities.

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Generally, the purpose section of an assessment plan discusses improvement and ways to demonstrate effectiveness. It is common to have three to five academic goals associated with the assessment. With the goals, provide measurable outcomes. These outcomes are on the performance assessment, specifically on an outcome delivery map.

An assessment plan measures outcomes both directly and indirectly. The direct measures considers knowledge, skills and behavior. Indirect measures consider individual perceptions to determine achievement. An assessment plan also includes information regarding who measures the success and at what point the measurement takes place. In some instances, it is critical to map out a timeline of the measurement checkpoints.

Quantitative results, qualitative data and an assessment report are all crucial components of a successful assessment plan. Numerical and statistical findings, including visual representations of data, are some of the specific methods of interpreting assessment plan results. Detailed content and organization are the two critical components of an effective assessment report.

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