What Information Should an Expository Essay Include?

What Information Should an Expository Essay Include?

Information included in an expository essay depends on the exact type of essay the writer is composing. Expository essays can include definitions, instructions about how to do something, and descriptions or analysis of events or ideas.

Cause-and-effect essays seek to explain how a particular action affects the outcome of a situation. This type of essay includes detailed information about the result and all the elements that lead to that particular outcome.

Expository essays written to define a concept usually include the dictionary definition of the word, before expanding on the definition with more detail to give clarification. Examples that illustrate the meaning are often included in essays meant to define concepts.

Essays written to explain the process of doing something include step-by-step instructions that inform the reader of all the actions to be taken in order to achieve a specific goal. These essays may also include an introduction explaining why this particular method is most effective.

When written about events or ideas, expository essays cover in detail the most important aspects of the topic. If the essay is about a historical event, all crucial facts about the event, such as names of people involved, dates and locations, are included.

Compare-and-contract essays include the similarities and differences between two or more subjects. Facts about each of the subjects are included in the essay, providing examples of how they are the same and the ways in which they differ.