How Do You Find Information About Schools in Michigan?


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Some ways individuals can find information about schools in Michigan include visiting the school district's website and checking a school review website like Great Schools. Combing these options can help users assess the strengths and weaknesses of schools and determine which one might be most suitable for their children.

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To find information about Michigan schools, a good starting place for assessing an area's schools is to check the website for the district. This type of website usually lists the public schools in the area and has individual links to their own pages. Users may learn about the school's facilities, staff members, athletics programs and academics as well as possibly see the school's calendar, student handbook, transportation options and other important information.

If there's a particular school in mind, try a review website like Great Schools, which shows reviews from other parents along with key school facts and ratings. Users can find such information as an overall rating for the school, which may rank from one to 10 based on how well the school prepares students academically for standardized tests and college. Michigan Educational Assessment Program test scores and an overall state school rating are other items users can find on Great Schools.

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