How Do You Find Information on School Closings?


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Information about school closings can usually be found through local radio and television stations, the school's website and through school closing hotlines. School websites usually tell parents and students about how they're notified when the school closes and might offer additional options for emergency communications. Schools typically set a deadline for closure decisions when media is notified.

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To find out if a local school is closed, go to the school's homepage and check if any closings have been posted. If not, look for closings and delays page on the site that provides more information on how and when individuals are notified of closures. This page might also have a hotline to call to check on the status and include instructions on signing up for an automated messaging system, which might provide text messages or a phone call to parents when the school closes. Information about specific types of changes, such as early or late arrivals, may also be available, as shown on the Washington County Public Schools website.

If closing information isn't on the school's website, consider visiting the websites of local TV news stations to look for a closings list. Some of these sites also have email and text alerts for closings. In addition, television and radio stations announce closures periodically.

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