What Information Is Included in a Seventh Grade History Book?


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While topics vary by state, seventh grade history books generally cover some world history and geography. Most history books begin with the fall of Rome or just after, and the rise of Europe until the Enlightenment era.

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Some seventh grade history books spend a lot of the school year focused on state history, especially when the state was settled by Europeans in the early modern era. States like Texas spend the entire year focused solely on state history, including the initial Native American inhabitants of the territory, the war for independence and its ultimate move from independence to statehood. Students also learn the foundation and function of their state's government. The focus of geography is expanded to include the relationship between people and the places where they settled.

Analytical skills are developed in world history through the study of key vocabulary regarding religion worldwide, the concepts of feudalism, the European Renaissance, the Reformation and the Enlightenment era. The goal of seventh grade social studies is to develop an understanding of social concepts and how the human condition has affected the evolution of social development over time. Students analyze how religion and leadership affected the major eras of history and how the past predicts emerging trends.

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