What Information Is Included in the Book, "501 Spanish Verbs?"?


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“501 Spanish Verbs” by Christopher Kendris and Theodore Kendris, a Barron’s “Foreign Language Guide,” contains over 2,500 common Spanish verbs and their English translations. The authors highlight 501 of the most common verbs and provide information on grammar, usage and pronunciation for each.

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The guide offers conjugations for each verb for all 16 grammar moods and tenses, including subjunctive and conditional moods and past imperfect and future tenses. For the 501 most common verbs, the authors provide full-sentence examples for all tenses along with their English-language equivalents. The book also presents examples of verb usage for both active and passive voice. The authors provide 26 groups of exercises to practice Spanish verb usage along with corresponding answers and explanations.

The guide presents verbs in alphabetical order, and the pages are side-indexed with color-coded A-to-Z tabs for quick reference. Appendices cover additional information on impersonal and defective verbs, proper pronunciation, commonly used phrases for tourists, verbs with prepositions and common irregular Spanish verb forms.

The book includes an interactive CD-ROM and an audio CD with supplemental learning material. The CD-ROM includes puzzles, Spanish and English matching games and various exercises to practice vocabulary and sentence structure. The audio CD provides exercises for practicing Spanish-language listening comprehension and pronunciation. Individuals who have purchased the book can also download this supplemental material directly to PC or Mac.

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