How Do You Find Information on Graduating Classes?


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To find information on graduating classes or alumni, access the institution’s website, and then search for the graduating class by year. For statistical information on graduating classes, use the College Navigator tool offered by the U.S. Department of Education on the National Center for Education Statistics website.

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How Do You Find Information on Graduating Classes?
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All accredited education institutions in the United States maintain a website. After accessing the website, search for information on graduation classes by typing the word "graduation", followed by the year of interest. For example, access the Stanford University website, Stanford.edu, and then type “graduation 2014-2015” into the search bar in the right-hand corner of the home page. The site then provides a list of 2014-2015 graduation-related search results, with links to information regarding the graduating class of 2014-2015.

Most websites offer the graduation checklist as a PDF download, which you can download and print. A graduation checklist contains comprehensive information about the entire graduating class, including the names of graduates per course/department, graduation credentials per student by course/department, and the number of graduates by course/department.

In some cases, recent graduation information is posted under the Events section. Check for an Events tab on the institution’s website, and click on it. Check to see if there are any past or upcoming graduation events listed. If available, filter your search to view specific information on graduating classes, such as the graduation checklist, the graduation date and the graduation timetable.

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