What Information Is Found on an Answer Key for "The Odyssey?"?


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An answer key for "The Odyssey" contains information about characters, plot elements, setting and other details often asked about on quizzes and tests. An answer key also contains information about themes and interpretations of the poem.

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The answer key for the Bookrags short answer test on "The Odyssey" contains single-word answers about the characters in the story, such as Poseidon, who attempts to thwart Odysseus's quest to return home, and places, such as Ogygia, which is Odysseus's location at the beginning of the poem. Answer keys for the Odyssey may also contain yes-no answers and fill-in-the-blank answers.

For multiple choice tests, the answer key provides the letter or number of the correct answer for each question. Some answer keys for a multiple choice test contain the text of the correct answer, as well. The answer key for a question about Poseidon's anger toward Odysseus reads, "C. Odysseus wounded Poseidon’s son, Polyphemus," according to eNotes.

For an essay test on "The Odyssey," an answer key contains suggested responses to the question. Essay questions ask for long form responses rather than factual ones. The answer key for a question about the Greek concept of glory through battle lists several instances in the poem where the concept is exemplified by the action and dialog among characters.

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