What Information Is Covered on a Food Safety Certification Test?


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There are many subjects that are covered in food safety exams. The main subjects relate to safe food holding temperatures, food borne illnesses, and food storage. Minimum food storage temperatures along with the temperatures that each type of meat must be cooked to in order to kill bacteria is covered.

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Some of the subjects that are covered include temperatures. For example, what is the maximum safe temperature that food can be stored at before it starts to grow bacteria? Bacteria can cause sicknesses in humans, and the sicknesses that can be caused by improperly stored food may also be covered in the exam.

Proper food storage techniques may be covered by the exam. Also, there are questions that cover what should be done in case of suspicious shipments arriving at the venue. If there is a lot of ice at the bottom of the box of meat and the edges of the meat are discolored, that is a sign that the meat thawed at some point during shipping and was refrozen. This meat would no longer be considered "good" and would have to be thrown away.

Questions may be asked about how food should be stored. For example, raw foods should never be stored above the dry foods in a walk-in refrigerator. The washing techniques of utensils that come in contact with food are also addressed in the exam.

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