What Is Informal Letter Writing?

Informal letter writing includes creating a letter to congratulate a person, express gratitude, invite someone, respond to an invitation or ask for information. Informal letters are also typically written when sharing experiences, asking for or giving suggestions, expressing sympathy and replying to an advertisement or any other publication.

An informal letter should have a proper greeting that the writer is comfortable using. The greeting can be the recipient’s first name or surname, or it can be another salutation, such as Dear Sir/Madam. The introductory sentence should reveal the reason for writing the letter. The subject can be explained in one or two paragraphs in the main body of the letter.

The concluding paragraph has about one to two sentences, and it is where the writer states his desire to continue the communication or express his gratitude for a favor. Writing a complimentary close is the last step in making an informal letter. It’s optional to include the date and a signature.

A person can use various expressions when writing an informal letter, including formal, slang and conversational styles. He can use contractions and abbreviations where necessary. Nonetheless, it’s important to write a polite letter that doesn’t overuse simplifications and colloquial terms. It’s best to write naturally in a clear and grammatical manner and to proofread the letter afterwards.