How Do You Take Free Infection Control Courses?


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Free infection control courses can be taken at the Infection Control Training Foundation's website. The Centers for Disease Control also offers free infection control classes that count as CEUs for health care professionals. Additionally, Medline has offered free courses focusing on aseptic techniques in order to promote the importance of infection control.

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Infection control is the process of stopping the transmission of bacteria among medical staff, patients and visitors in any health care facility. It is incredibly important, as the spread of bacteria from one person to another can bring about health complications in those who are already sick or have compromised immune systems. Sources of infection can come from all bodily fluids, excluding tears and sweat.

Standard or Universal Precautions are in place to help aid in the infection control process. The paramount precaution is proper hand washing; wearing gloves when in contact with a patient is a close second, as gloves form a barrier between the health care professional and any present bodily fluids. Other precautions include the use of personal protective equipment, proper disposal of waste and sharps, full disinfection and sterilization of medical equipment and the safe use of recommended cleaning agents. Additionally, it is recommended that wounds on the patient, visitors or staff be fully covered with a waterproof bandages and that staff members keep their vaccinations up to date, including hepatitis B and tetanus.

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