What Are Some Inexpensive Boarding Schools?

What Are Some Inexpensive Boarding Schools?

An inexpensive boarding school is Youth Initiative High School of Viroqua, Wisconsin, which charges students approximately $7,000 per year, as of November 2015. In addition, Girard College is a low-cost boarding school for academically strong children without behavioral problems that come from single-parent homes.

Youth Initiative is a co-educational school for high school students. At Youth Initiative, students actively participate in the operation of the school, which includes raising a significant portion of the operating budget, according to StartClass.

Girard College awards full scholarships to all of its students. Funded by the estate of Stephen Girard in 1831, Girard College teaches approximately 270 students each year, as of November 2015. Nearly all students come from the state of Pennsylvania. The schools determines admission based on a variety of factors, including prior academic performance.

Similarly, Oakley School of Oakley, Utah, charges approximately $7,200 for a year of study.

Another option, Lustre Christian High School, of Lustre, Montana, operates as a Christian high school both for commuting and boarding students.

Mount Michael Benedictine High School of Elkhorn, Nebraska, is an all-boys boarding school that charges approximately $9,495 per year in tuition. Mount Michael accepts approximately 45 percent of applicants. The school boasts a large campus of 350 acres, but only 55 percent of Mount Michael students board at the school.