What Are Some Indian Words Related to Food?

What Are Some Indian Words Related to Food?

Indian words relating to food include alu chole, aam, Madras, mausambi and nimbu ka chilka. Terms for different foods depend on where in India they originated.

Alu chole is a vegetable dish that includes potatoes, tamarind and chickpeas. Aam is the Indian word for mango and madras relates to hot curries, as long as the curries originate in the Madras region of India. Mausambi is sweet lime and nimbu ka chilka is a lemon rind.

Terms for sweet foods in India may include naan, which is a bread stuffed with almonds and raisins; matka, which is an earthenware container used for freezing ice cream; and shahad, which is honey.

Meat dishes in India include macchi, a term used for fish, makhani, a meat and vegetable dish that is cooked in a cream or tomato sauce and mollee, which is a fish dish cooked in chili and coconut.

Popular Indian herbs and spices include udrak, a term for ginger, tulsi, or basil, and suvabhaji, or dillweed.

Vegetables and vegetable dishes also have unique names in the Indian culture. For example, sambar is a vegetable broth or curry made from lentils. when speaking of green leafy vegetables, Indians may refer to them as saag and a kebab may be vegetables or meat skewered and cooked over a barbecue or a tandoor.