How Do You Incorporate a Digital Math Program Into an Elementary School?


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Keys to incorporating a digital math program include choosing a program that teaches the desired skills, teaching students how to use the program and using it as part of a balanced math program. The digital math program shouldn't be the only way students learn math.

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A digital math program gives elementary students a hands-on and enjoyable way to practice math skills. The program should complement the math curriculum that the teacher is teaching. Students use the program to practice skills the teacher has already taught rather than learning it for the first time on the computer.

A digital math program works well in a student-directed work time with students working independently. One group might work on computers using the digital program while other students work on an assignment or get one-on-one help from the teacher. Limit the time spent on the computer. For example, each student might get 15 minutes to work on the computer math program.

Effective math programs on the computer customize the level of problems to each child. They often have a pretest to assess each child's level. The program then creates work based on the child's level and tracks progress, getting more difficult as the child progresses. A program that sends results to the teacher allows her to monitor the progress of each student and make adjustments as necessary.

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