What Is Included in the Tuition at Syracuse University?


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As of the 2015-16 academic year, the billable tuition fees at Syracuse University includes general tuition costs, housing costs, meals, health insurance and other miscellaneous fees for undergraduate students. At the graduate student level, the tuition fees include the same items as undergraduate tuition fees, but they do not include miscellaneous costs. Syracuse University students can waive the cost of health insurance from their tuition if they can provide proof of an adequate private health insurance plan.

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Syracuse University tuition fees do not include other types of indirect expenses, such as the cost of books, school supplies, transportation and other types of personal expenses. Total tuition costs for students generally vary depending on any applicable program fees for particular classes or programs of study. Syracuse University also applies an annual charge increase for all fees that make up its tuition costs to ensure that its offerings continue to be of the highest quality.

Syracuse University also operates the Syracuse University College program that caters exclusively to part-time students studying for a certificate or degree from the institution. Part-time students at the Syracuse University College are required to pay similar types of tuition fees as full-time students, but they generally pay cheaper tuition costs and are charged according to credit hours.

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