What Is Included in a Misophonia Quiz?


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A misophonia quiz includes questions designed to determine the testtaker's level of discomfort with certain sounds. Misophonia is the strong dislike or hatred caused by certain sounds.

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Misophonia is assessed on a 10-point scale, with one meaning very minor symptoms, such as simply being aware of a trigger noise, and 10 referring to severe symptoms, such as lashing out with violence directed at the self or others upon activation of a trigger noise.

Questions on a misophonia quiz might ask if the respondent has a long list of disliked sounds, if those sounds are seemingly unavoidable, whether the image of a gum in someone's mouth is triggering, and what the testtaker's reactions are to triggering noises. Mild reactions result in anxiety, uncomfortable feelings, disgust and the urge to flee, while more severe reactions cause rage, anger, acute panic associated with powerful fight or flight desires, emotional distress, skin crawling and even suicidal urges.

A misophonia sufferer can also test his level of severity by gauging his abilities to remove the offending sound. Politely asking a gum chewer to spit the gum out falls within level three or four. Covering ears or urgently demanding that the noise stop falls within level five or six. When a sufferer threatens physical action, this falls within level eight. Screaming, or the desire to, is common.

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