What Is Included in a Christian Home-Schooling Curriculum?

What Is Included in a Christian Home-Schooling Curriculum?

Math, science, reading, social studies and spelling textbooks and workbooks and corresponding teacher's editions are included in a Christian homeschooling curriculum. Some curriculum also includes textbooks on biblical studies, whereas other forms of curriculum frame each subject within a biblical worldview.

BJU Pres, formerly Bob Jones University Press, has a second-grade homeschooling curriculum kit that retails for approximately $800. It includes student and teacher editions of textbooks and workbooks in handwriting, English, arithmetic and heritage studies, which touches upon culture, geography, economics, history and civics. Each textbook and workbook is available for individual purchase.

A Beka Book sells its student and parent homeschooling curriculum kits separately. Both kits include textbooks and workbooks, with answer keys in the parent kit for all subjects, such as math, English, science, vocabulary and reading.

A Beka Book's Christian homeschooling curriculum possess a classical foundation, with added attention paid to philosophy, music, foreign language, literature and art. The seventh grade curriculum also includes the Bible, with special Exodus curriculum, a "Life of Christ" textbook, a student King James Version, a bible lessons hymnal and lessons corresponding to books in the Old and the New Testament.

The teacher's kit contains teaching aids for English, history, spelling, arithmetic and geography. Combined class curriculum outlines, a teacher plan book and a grade book are some other supplies in each teacher kit, which sells for roughly $355.