What Is Included in 1st Grade Curriculum?

Any first grade curriculum includes instruction in reading, writing and math. Most curricula also feature social studies and science. Additional subjects such as art, music, religion, computers and foreign language may appear in the curriculum, depending on the school's focus and resources.

A first grade curriculum requires students to listen to stories and to read stories independently. Students are asked to identify the title and author, figure out which character is narrating the story and explain how any illustrations relate to the story's events. Some famous stories that are often featured in first grade curricula are "Sleeping Beauty," "Rumpelstiltskin" and "Pinocchio." Students practice reading with books by authors such as Eric Carle, Maurice Sendak and Bill Martin, Jr.

In math, first grade students are asked to recognize shapes such as rectangles, triangles, squares and circles. They learn to fill in the missing shape in a pattern. The curriculum usually covers numbers up to 100 and requires students to count by twos or by fives. First grade students learn to add and subtract single-digit numbers; the curriculum may also introduce the concept of place value in two- or three-digit numbers.

A curriculum that includes art may introduce students to ceramics, sculpture and painting. Students learn the basics of color and texture, and they explore the differences between two-dimensional artwork and three-dimensional artwork.