How Do You Improve Your Spelling and Vocabulary?


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To improve your spelling and vocabulary, start reading literature materials, writing and practicing how to pronounce words in that particular language. Since the spelling and vocabulary of words derive from different origins, discover their roots and variations to learn when and how to use them.

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When reading literature materials, such as novels, newspapers and journals, consider commonly used words in a sentence and locate their meanings in a dictionary. Additionally, create a list of your commonly misspelled words, and then research for the correct spelling on the Internet or other learning resources. Some English dictionaries come with a list of commonly misspelled words in the back pages.

Write short sentences or articles, and use spell-check tools to identify the spelling errors. Most word processor programs, such as Microsoft Office, highlight spelling errors in red. Right-click on the highlighted word to view the correct spelling for that particular word.

Engaging in conversations also helps improve vocabulary. Interact with friends, family or relatives who are fluent in that particular language, and then listen to how they speak. Learn a new word every day to improve and expand your vocabulary. Write down the difficult words, and research their meaning to find out how they relate to a particular sentence.

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