How Do You Improve Memory?


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One way to improve memory is to exercise, according to Discovery. Exercise allows greater blood flow and oxygen to the brain, improving memory. Another way to boost memory is to reduce stress factors. Seeking treatment for depression and reducing anger and anxiety also improves memory.

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Discovery mentions taking the time to pay attention eases memory loss. Putting away distractions, such as television and music, helps the mind focus. Another trick for remembering things is to repeat information aloud. When it comes to remembering names, staying focused on the person, instead of worrying about appearance and impression, helps the brain remember names faster.

Discovery notes that visual association improves memory, particularly names. Remembering certain identifying features of a person and combining those features with the person's name helps the mind recall that person at a later date. "Chunking" also helps a person to remember phone numbers or email addresses. Chunking works by breaking down longer pieces of information for the brain to compartmentalize the smaller pieces. For phone numbers, a person can associate a certain hobby with the area code. Remembering the rest of the phone number with a song, or anything noteworthy, allows the mind to recall the entire phone number. For shopping lists, grouping certain items according to store sections helps the mind remember the information.

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