How Do You Improve Communication Between Teachers and Students?


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Improving communication between teachers and students includes positive expectations and correcting students in a constructive way. Teachers who care about and value students offer better communication than teachers who try to use power to intimidate students.

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Communication is the key to student learning. Teachers who demonstrate caring help students have pride in their classroom and reduce frustration and stress. Teachers need to consider student feelings when communicating expectations. Many students tend to offer respect to teachers who show them respect in return. Telling students that they're capable of doing well helps students feel validated when they ask questions or offer opinions. Open communication is important when a student is struggling and may need extra help. Teachers taking student questions seriously helps student have the confidence they need to ask questions. Students usually want to please teachers and work even harder if the teacher shows compassion and communicates positive expectations.

Correcting students in a positive manner also improves communication. Misbehavior is often a cry for attention, and giving students positive alternatives to bad behavior helps them function in society and helps the teacher control the classroom. Explaining rules and consequences at the beginning of the school year helps students understand the expectations. When students break rules, teachers need to treat all students equally, offer the same consequences and communicate an expectation of better behavior in the future.

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