Why Is It Important to Teach Kids Science?


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Science is important for kids because it helps develop problem solving skills, technology skills and an awareness of the importance of conservation. Knowledge obtained from a science education is applicable to a wide range of life skills.

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Science helps kids learn to examine situations logically and solve problems. By forming hypotheses, performing experiments and understanding results, kids come to understand how to interpret problems and propose solutions. Kids can take the problem solving skills they gain from science and apply them to other areas of knowledge, both in school and in real life.

Even if they don’t grow up to be scientists, kids can use scientific equipment to better understand how to handle various materials, follow instructions and consider how things work. Learning to adjust a microscope, operate a scale or mix chemicals can give kids general knowledge applicable to other forms of technology. Students who do develop a genuine interest in science can also gain the technological abilities to succeed in the rapidly growing STEM fields.

Learning about science also helps children better understand the natural world, which can lead to a greater understanding of the value of conservation. Studying plants, animals, habitats and natural resources helps students understand how all these aspects of the world are interlinked and dependent on one another.

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