What Are Some Important Parts of a Fifth Grade Curriculum?


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As of 2016, a fifth-grade curriculum should reflect adherence to the Common Core State Standards in mathematics and language arts, the Next Generation Science and Engineering Standards and the Ten Themes of Social Studies. Curriculum should also cover health and safety topics, art, and technology. Different districts and schools may assign specific curriculum standards.

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Fifth grade math has three primary areas of concentration. One is establishing a better understanding of the concept of volume. A second focus involves increasing fluency with addition and subtraction of fractions and understanding the multiplication and division. Fifth graders must also learn division to two-digit divisors, including decimal fractions into the place value system, and they must develop a familiarity with operations with decimals to the hundredths. Students should continue improving their knowledge of whole number and decimal operations as well.

Language arts curriculum should include components pertaining to speaking and listening, writing, vocabulary, reading informational text and literature, and grammar. Foundational skills in this area include self-correcting words while reading aloud, reading and comprehending grade-level texts, maintaining expression and accuracy while reading aloud, and reading aloud at a suitable speed.

Fifth grade science curriculum should include earth and space, life and physical science. Students should understand how to ask questions, obtain and evaluate information, enact investigations, design solutions and interpret data.

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