Why Is It Important to Do Homework?

Most kids hate the idea of homework and would rather be outside playing or at after-school activities, however, homework is important because it reinforces what the children are learning in school as well as teaching responsibility. Homework also helps children learn to work on their own and helps them develop their memory and critical thinking skills.

Homework is also a way to help children prepare for tests. Because children must complete the homework, they are invariably being forced to study for their test through the completion of their homework. Teachers will sometimes provide students with homework assignments that ask students to think about the subject in a new way or within a new context.

Parents play a crucial role in helping children to complete their homework. Parents can help children by providing an environment that is conducive to homework. The environment should have plenty of light, should be quiet and free of distractions such as television and younger siblings and should offer children supplies including writing paper and pencils or pens. Parents can use homework as one way to develop their child's study habits so that he or she can be successful in college. Parents should not do their child's homework and should make sure that the child has a set schedule for completing homework. Parents should also be sure to check each assignment for completion as well as offer advice when children are confused about a lesson.