Why Is It Important to Take the ESL Practice Test?


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Taking the ESL practice test is important to give you an idea of what is on the actual test and to better prepare you for passing. Practice tests often mimic real testing conditions, relieving some of the anxiety when it comes time to take the actual test.

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ESL proficiency is divided into five levels, from pre-Level 1 through Level 4. Pre-Level 1 is the lowest score, indicating that the individual has some understanding of the language but is insufficient to qualify for Level 1.

The ETS TOEFL test is more common than the ACT ESL examination. TOEFL is the Test of English as a Foreign Language. It is used by companies, agencies and institutions in more than 130 countries as of 2015. Audio and visual resources are available on the ETS website. Resources include study material, practice tests and interactive programs. ETS also publishes several printed study books.

Flash cards are another common way to study vocabulary. Test yourself by writing the English version of a word on one side of a card and writing the same word in your native tongue on the other side. You can remove the cards as you memorize them to more efficiently practice vocabulary you are unfamiliar with.

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