What Is the Importance of the English Language in Everyday Life?

English is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world right now. It's the primary language spoken in 71 countries, including major world powers, such as America and the UK, and is taught as a second language in many other countries because of its value as a tool for communication in business.

Communication is a key skill in any job, from cashiering at a grocery store to running a company. In an English-speaking country, a solid understanding of the English language is a necessary basic skill. Candidates for any position in any workforce are judged on their competency with basic skills like simple math, reading, and writing before they are submitted to more specialized tests, so language comprehension is important to anyone in the working world.

Communication takes place on a daily basis in all areas of life, so basic language skills are necessary to do everything from purchase a meal at a restaurant to debate politics with a friend. Texting, emailing and social media are becoming more and more popular forms of communication, and even with spellcheck programs proofing written messages, anyone who doesn't have a grasp on English grammar faces the possibility of miscommunication or judgment. This can present social and professional problems. In addition, roughly 50 percent of the content on the Internet is in English, as well as an overwhelming amount of literature and other media.