What Is Imagine Learning?

What Is Imagine Learning?

Imagine Learning is a software program that teaches language and literacy to children through various activities, games and video clips. Version 14 runs on PCs, Macs and tablet computers, as well as iPads, Android devices and Chromebook.

When children first use the program, they are evaluated in terms of their language and literacy skills. Based on the assessment, the program assigns content material for them to learn and practice. Reports are generated for teachers or parents to track children's progress and identify areas of mastery or weakness.

The program content includes topics such as letter recognition, syllable awareness and phonics. Reading fluency and comprehension are also emphasized. The program is appropriate for a variety of students, including children who struggle to read, are native speakers of anther language, or have disabilities or special needs.

The program offers support for its activities in 15 languages for children who speak English as a second language. In addition, there is a Spanish version of Imagine Learning for preschool and kindergarten students.

Imagine Learning was developed in 2004 by educators and software professionals. The company is based in Utah. As of 2015, nine of the 10 largest school districts in the United States use Imagine Learning software programs. The programs are also used in schools in Korea, the United Arab Emirates and Latin America.