What Does the IELTS Preparation Course Cover?

IELTS preparation courses teach English language skills and test-taking strategies to improve the testing experience and results. There are a number of providers of IELTS preparation courses, one of which is offered by Kaplan International. The Kaplan course varies in length and intensity based on the needs of the pupil.

IELTS courses require students to have at least an intermediate knowledge of the English language. During the course, students practice reading, writing, listening and speaking to improve upon grammar and vocabulary.

Kaplan IELTS courses range from two to 10 weeks, depending on desired intensity. The IELTS Intensive course is broken into three sections. The first section is the general exam preparation. This section of the course teaches verbal skills and test-taking strategies and takes the longest of the three. The second section of the course handles general English lessons, including reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar. The final section offers students Kaplan's exclusive "K+" tools. K+ offers students a personalized learning plan that identifies individual needs and provides lessons and exercises to supplement class sessions.

Classes meet on a recurring basis, some every night and some more sporadically, depending on the chosen course. Classes are 45 minutes each and available in morning or evening sessions.