What Are Some Ideas for a Welcome Address Speech?


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A welcome address speech focuses on the audience and the purpose they have gathered together. It begins with a greeting for those gathered, explains the event or program, and tells those in attendance what they can expect while they are there.

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At the beginning of the speech, it is important that the full name of the event or program is mentioned right away while the audience is greeted and welcomed. The welcome is followed with information about the place the event is held or the sponsors of the event. Next, the speech focuses on what is interesting and important about the event or program. This section focuses on what sets the event or program apart from anything else like it.

After introducing the event, the speaker gives a preview of what the attendees can expect to experience throughout the course of the event or program, including workshops, presenters, networking opportunities and showcases. If the event has special guests or speakers, they are introduced as well. The speech is wrapped up with an expression of hope that the attendees find great value in the event. The speaker then expresses gratitude for the attendees and special guests and releases the audience or introduces the next speaker.

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