What Are Some Ideas for Topics for an Exemplification Essay?

Ideas for an exemplification essay topic include the impact of technology on culture, gun control, online education's impact on traditional education and the importance of grade school music education. Other topic ideas include religion in school, organ donation, wage discrimination and success without a formal education.

The goal of an exemplification essay is to prove an argument through examples. No matter the topic chosen for an exemplification essay, it should be well written and researched using valid resources. Many examples, and details should be provided to support viewpoints and ideas. Chronological, ascending or descending order may be used for the order of importance.

This type of essay should include clear ideas, strong arguments and substantial information to support the thesis. Multiple resources that support the argument should be found and used.

The essay should begin with a strong introduction that utilizes a story that ties into the subject. Personalizing the content makes it more relatable to the audience. Statistics and facts should be used liberally in the body of the document, and appropriate citations should be provided for each piece of information. The layout of the essay should be logical and organized. The conclusion should summarize the argument and leave an impression on the audience.