What Are Some Ideas for Thanksgiving Bulletin Boards?


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Most Thanksgiving bulletin boards use symbols derived from the original Thanksgiving feast. Fall leaves and cornucopias filled with fruits and vegetables and images of pilgrims and members of the Wampanoag tribe are frequently used. Turkeys, which are the center of the modern traditional Thanksgiving meal, and humorous depictions of turkeys trying to avoid the table are popular, as well as images of friendly turkeys dressed up as pilgrims.

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Thanksgiving bulletin boards often reference the narrative of the original Thanksgiving meal and its context: In 1620, a group of pilgrims left England and endured a long and difficult journey on their ship, the Mayflower. They fled their home country in search of religious freedom and made a new home in Massachusetts, which was already home to the various native peoples of the Wampanoag tribes. The Thanksgiving holiday is celebrated in remembrance of the pilgrims' first harvest feast in their new home, which was celebrated with members of the Wampanoag tribes.

To gather more ideas for Thanksgiving bulletin boards, browse creative visual websites such as Pinterest and educational resource sites such as Scholastic. Pinterest provides a wealth of ideas and quick visual inspiration for creating attractive Thanksgiving bulletin board displays. Scholastic, a website catering to educators and parents, will provide a reliable background of the history and cultural significance of the Thanksgiving holiday.

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