What Are Some Ideas for a Student Council Campaign Poster?

Some ideas for student council campaign posters include using plays on words, puns, humor and campaign promises. Posters need to be short, direct and memorable to catch the attention of potential voters.

Successful student council campaign posters draw attention and stay memorable after they have been seen. Humor is one way to achieve a memorable poster. Use the name of the student council contender in unique ways. Change her name to spell out a campaign slogan with an acronym.

Images help to create a memorable and attractive poster. Add puns to the poster along with the image. Then, design the poster around the image, and keep it as uncluttered as possible. A picture of a duck with the slogan, "Vote for me, or you're quackers!" is an example of using a play on words that fits the image.

Alter popular, memorable or funny memes to suit the campaign slogan, and include the name of the candidate with phrase such as, "Stay calm and vote for me," and "Say my name. Now vote for me."

Copying past government campaign posters provides a serious tone compared to the comical posters. Use a clean style to convey the gravity of the campaign message or promise.