What Are Some Ideas for Starting Genius Hour in the Classroom?


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Prepare as much as possible before starting Genius Hour in order to spend the maximum amount of time with each student. The teacher should offer structure and direction to each student so they can get the most benefit from their studying time. Try letting students work in small groups if they wish to, while keeping the option of working alone. Working closely together helps to foster a culture of collaboration.

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Students may enjoy working on projects with other classes around the country, assessing each other's work and giving feedback. Encourage students to brainstorm ideas in groups, and to take part in online discussions. At the end of the project, have students prepare a TED Talk-style presentation for the rest of the class.

Genius Hour is a chance for students to develop their own sense of purpose, and to follow intrinsic motivation. Try to relate a project's topic to the students' interests, so that they are enthusiastic about sharing what they have learned. Peer evaluation also helps to give the project more meaning for the students.

There should be a visible result at the end of a Genius Hour project. Consider what students can make, or what actions they can take, to ensure that the focus remains on creativity and discovery.

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