What Are Some Ideas for a Senior Project?

What Are Some Ideas for a Senior Project?

Senior project ideas include shadowing adults in professions of interest, producing showcases or videos, developing awareness campaigns for causes, or implementing improvements on the high school campus. Senior projects usually require high school seniors to create their own learning experiences centered on topics about which they are personally passionate.

Students who identify a particular profession, such as surgery or carpentry, as an interest should find an adult willing to mentor them during the course of a normal work week. A culminating project for these students may include a presentation that outlines a day in the life for someone in the industry or arranging for a speaker to visit younger students to describe the profession. Students interested in music may connect with a local restaurant or concert venue that consistently hires bands, then shadow a manager or group of employees to experience all aspects of the business. If a school requires students to produce a culminating product to showcase their experiences, a student studying the music business might produce a behind-the-scenes video, write an article detailing the experience for a school newspaper or even design a concert experience for other students at the end of the year.

Students who are passionate about a particular cause could seek out a similar shadowing experience with a nonprofit organization with a goal of producing an awareness campaign to inform and educate others about that cause.

Some students choose to build a school garden or redesign an existing computer lab or fitness center.

These students may spend most of their time determining the needs of the community before designing and implementing a plan.