What Are Some Ideas for School Projects Related to Energy Conservation?

Some school science project ideas related to energy conservation include a demonstration of using solar energy to heat water, an analysis of non-renewable fuel versus renewable fuel, or experimenting with obtaining biomass energy from grass. Each of these projects focuses on a specific type of alternative energy and connects to the overall goal of conserving more energy. The projects range in difficulty from beginner to advanced and have varying costs between $40 and $150 as of 2015.

When demonstrating how to heat water with solar energy, students need several materials including three different colors of plastic baggies, aluminium foil and a Styrofoam insulation panel. Create an opening in each of the bags for a thermometer to insert, and then fill each of the different colored baggies with the same temperature water. Set the baggies in the sun, and take the temperature at different time intervals to determine which color absorbs heat the best.

To obtain biomass energy from grass, gather different types of grass seeds such as wheat, corn and oat, and plant each type in a separate pot. The pots should all have drainage holes. Then, over time, observe the grass growing, and record the growth rates and sprout heights. Eventually, weigh out all of the seedlings wet (fresh weight), dry the seedlings, then weigh out all of the seedlings dry (dry weight). Use a percent change in weight to analyze which seedling's weight changed the most, then graph the data and determine which seed yields the most biomass.