What Are Some Ideas for Kindergarten Math Activities?


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Props, comparison flash cards and even coloring sheets are all effective ideas for kindergarten math activities. Props give a tangible way of learning and flash cards and coloring sheets give a visual aide for learning mathematics.

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Since students come into kindergarten with different counting abilities, giving them props that they are familiar with creates comfort as well as motivation. Students are more motivated if they like what they are doing. Props also allow for a tangible example of a mathematical concept, which is useful for young students.

Comparison flash cards work well in teaching students how to identify number values. The teacher simply holds up two cards and the students have to point at the greater number. This can also work for identifying smaller numbers. They can do this activity as a whole class, with partners, or even on their own.

Coloring is an effective learning tool as well. Coloring sheets can include finding 10s and circling them, coloring all the number 4s, or even doing a color by number. Finding 10s involves circling 10 images per box while the student counts to 10. Doing a color by number project allows the students to practice number recognition as they search for the numbers.

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