What Are Some Ideas to Include in an Essay About Why You Should Study Abroad?


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When students are writing essays about why they should abroad, they should focus on showing why studying abroad would benefit them in terms of their personal growth, future career, educational goals and intercultural development. It's important to make the essay thoughtful and to show exactly why the chosen country is right for the student and why the student should be a part of the study abroad program. Harvard University recommends that students keep the study abroad essay one page long.

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Some of the personal growth benefits students could include in the essay include increased self-confidence, the opportunity for new friendships with both classmates and those they meet in the foreign country and the opportunity to seek new interests. They may also choose to focus on how studying abroad will make them more independent people and will help them take the perspective of another culture.

Other benefits to mention about studying abroad is the opportunity to learn a new language and converse with natives, the possibility of later seeking work in the host country and the chance to acquire new skill sets. Undergraduates who plan to attend graduate school may focus on how the study abroad experience will enhance their application and make them a stronger candidate.

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