What Are Some Ideas for Improving Reading Comprehension?


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Reading out loud, post-reading discussion and rereading are techniques to improve reading comprehension. Reading material should also be suited to the skill level of the reader, as material that is too difficult requires frequently pausing to sound out unknown words, which makes it more difficult for the reader to focus on the overall message of the passage they are reading.

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Reading aloud improves comprehension as people read more slowly when reading aloud, which increases processing time of what they are reading. Discussing the book after reading reinforces the material in the text. Questions about plot draws attention to significant pieces of the text and helps the reader remember what happened in the story.

For small children or people just learning to read, making connections between the book and themselves helps to improve comprehension. For example, after reading a book about a birthday party, ask the reader to recall a party they attended, and explain what similarities or differences the real party had when compared to the party in the book.

Rereading helps readers catch information they missed the first time they read a piece of text. Children who are learning to read can improve their reading comprehension by rereading familiar books. Covering material that is familiar to the reader increases the speed and fluency of their reading, which increases reading comprehension.

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