What Are Some Ideas for an IB Group 4 Project?

Ideas for the IB Group 4 project in the area of biology include investigating the relationship between structure and function, universality and diversity, the equilibrium within systems and evolution. Additional scientific disciplines, including computer science, chemistry, design technology, physics and sports exercise and health science exist at the standard level. Environmental systems and societies is an interdisciplinary science offered at both levels 3 and 4.

Completion of the IB Group 4 category requires a combination of both experimental work and papers. Projects must be at either the standard level or higher level. The number of required hours for the standard level project is 150, and the number of required hours for the higher level projects is 240. The group 4 curriculum requires three papers, and each tests a different component of scientific reasoning and contributes to a portion of the hours required to complete the area of concentration. Paper one consists of multiple choice questions. Paper two consists of data-based questions and short-answer questions. Paper three also consists of short-answer questions. The group 4 project is part of the internal assessment, which the teacher determines, and it accounts for 24 percent of the total assessment, which the teacher and the IB program determine.