What Are Some Ideas for a High School Science Project?


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High school science project ideas include the effects of acidity on invertebrates and natural materials that make pigments, notes Mary Bagley for Live Science. Other ideas are the effects of breakfast on school performance and the effects of different fertilizers on plant growth, states Dr. Anne Marie Helmenstine for About.com.

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What Are Some Ideas for a High School Science Project?
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A student can study how increased acidity in an environment affects the survival of an invertebrate population such as brine shrimp, according to Bagley. The student first needs to do research on acidity in different environments and how this affects the living organisms in that environment, as well as research the results of acid rain. The student needs to purchase and hatch brine shrimp eggs and divide the shrimp into several groups. The control group stays in the hatchery while the pH in the other aquariums is gradually raised. The student needs to observe the effects of the rising acidity on the brine shrimp population.

A student can discover the natural substances and materials used to make pigments, says Bagley. The student needs to research the natural ways past cultures made pigments and dyed clothes. The student needs to collect these natural pigments using several methods such as treating a piece of copper with vinegar to produce green verdigris or using the black soot from a candle. She then needs to mix these pigments with raw eggs and add them to paper.

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